Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kiss My Face

Directly from the Kiss My Face website: "Kiss My Face is the leading manufacturer of obsessively natural body care". ecochick likes that kinda talk. With an excellent and very informative website, as well as an extensive line of products, Kiss My Face is one of the best established Organic skin care companies out there.

But if you're like ecochick, you're a bit leery of buying a whole set of gigantic bottles of stuff if you've never used it before. What if your skin doesn't like it? What if it smells like bananas, and you can't stand bananas? No fear. Kiss My Face has thought of that, and has come up with the fantastic option of letting you buy a bag of samples! Kiss My Face Kisses On Trial contains nine sample sizes of their most popular products including from their hair care, shower gel, oral care and moisturizer lines. Now that's confidence!

Kiss My Face products are available via their webstore, as well as via several retailers across Canada.


sk8 said...

"What if it smells like bananas, and you can't stand bananas?"

A shout out!!?!

Shannon said...

You bet it is! :x

Polkaroo said...

They have a great fragrance free line too. I use their hand soap and moisturizer from that line and it's fab!