Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mod to Modern

Step 1. Find used wool sweaters.
Step 2. Add scissors, a sewing machine and fashion mojo.
Step 3. Assemble.
Step 4. Achieve awesomeness.

That appears to be the recipe for Mod to Modern. Based in Vancouver, her designs range from V necks to crew necks to mock shrugs - and even to dog and cat sweaters, leading her friends to dub her the "Wooly Warhol". Each piece is based on individual used goods, making each sweater unique. Designer and owner Michelle Bergeron-Mok also loves feedback, and if you send in a picture of you in your sweater, she may even post them on her website. Nice! As a bonus, you can also read her blog on her website, to give you an idea of the life of a ecofriendly sweater redesigner.

Mod to Modern creations are available on her website as well as various retailers across Canada.

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