Monday, October 22, 2007

The Green Beaver Company

Here in Canada, it gets cold. Some places get colder than others. For example, the top of a precipitous ski hill, where the icy wind whips you as you plan your headlong slide down a snow-covered slope with planks strapped to your feet. That's cold. Brr! Those parts of your skin still exposed will sure need some TLC. The team at Green Beaver has created a line of skin care products for just this situation. Containing no petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, dyes, chemical preservatives or parabens, all Green Beaver products are made in Canada, by Canadians - and who better to know how to treat your skin in the cold?

The line includes Winter Body Lotion, Winter Face Cream, Winter Hand and Cuticle Balm, Winter Lip Balm, and Winter Bath Therapy. Each product is formulated to give you maximum moisture and protection against the harsh Canadian elements.

Green Beaver products are available at health stores across Canada as well as online.

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