Wednesday, April 23, 2008

green home - a community

Have you ever looked at an environmentally friendly product - even the ones featured here on ecochick - and thought "that looks cool, but I wonder how well it works? Oh, if only there was a place where people talked about their experiences with these products so that I would know what I'm getting in to."

Now there is. At green home, they've created a community where they're aggregating all kinds of green feedback on the products you want to use. They've got an area to discuss green cleaning products, lighting, appliances, transportation and more. It's simple to participate - you create a login, read reviews of all kinds of green products, participate in the forum, read and create informative wiki pages on green products and issues, and submit your own reviews on products. There's also a great page where you can see the top products and the featured wiki pages.

It looks like a great resource, but it's only going to be as useful as the people who use it and participate. So check it out -!

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