Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Dr Hauschka Skin Care was founded over 40 years ago in Germany. They base their unique approach to personal care on an in-depth understanding of the power of healing plants to restore and maintain healthy skin. All products created by Dr Hauschka have one aim in mind: to be holistic, living in harmony with the earth. Every product is created with this "big picture" in mind.

Dr Hauschka has lines of face care, body care, cosmetics, bath and shower, sun care, hair care and more. All products have their full ingredient lists on the website, with a glossary for each component so that you know exactly what it is and from whence it came.

Dr Hauschka also works in conjunction with several Hollywood productions, including film and television - so that duck face on Meredith Grey is probably plumped by Dr Hauschka's creations. Nice!

Dr Hauschka products are available in Canada at lilou organics.

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