Thursday, October 18, 2007

Passenger Pigeon

The Fall/Winter 08 collection is out at Passenger Pigeon, and ecochick's coveting it. Passenger Pigeon's trio of designers make sleek, fashionable styles with funky prints, body hugging fabrics and useful accessories, all from a selection of ecofriendly materials. Their website has a fantastic explanation as to why they make all of their clothing out of organic, sustainable materials, including organic cotton, hemp, ecospun (a cool new fabric made from recycled pop bottles) and tencel (fibre made from wood pulp).

And a canuck bonus: All garments are designed, sewn, dyed and screenprinted in Toronto.

Passenger Pigeon items are available at retailers across Canada, both on foot and online.

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Urban Girl said...

Whatever happened to Passenger Pigeon - are the designer(s) doing new things now? What a great line this was!