Monday, October 4, 2010

Preloved - gorgeous, one of a kind fashions from vintage fabrics

Remember Preloved, the fantastic Canadian boutique line that creates new and fun clothing out of old stuff? Think "old, fuzzy wool grade 8 sweater and old, no longer fashionable cords" and then re-think that in to "jazzy new clothing I'd look completely awesome wearing", and you've pretty much got the concept of Preloved. And if you haven't checked them out lately, you definitely should. There's some gorgeous stuff on their online store, starting with their women's line. Each piece is made from a specific pattern, but all from individual vintage clothing, so each one is unique.  So the Miss Parker sweater as pictured here or this Carly Sweater would truly be yours - a one of a kind!

Preloved have also added some unbearably cute stuff into a kids' line (I mean seriously, check out this dress!), as well as some funky ideas in to a Home line.

You can find Preloved at four of their own stores, or at any number of fabulous retailers across Canada and the US.

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Greenest Stuff Ottawa said...

Preloved is great! Still have to find my one of a kind sweater. And there's 4 stores in Ottawa that carry the line, time to go find that fall must-have! : )