Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ecojot: Ecojotter Flickr Contest!

Remember ecojot, the makers of cool, Canadian made, post-consumer recycled paper products? Well, they're running a cool contest - check it out!

Simply go to the ecojotter blog for details - the short version is take a picture of your favourite ecojot product in the wild and upload it to the Ecojot Flickr Group. First prize winner picked by the Ecojot Team wins $75 for him/herself PLUS $75 for the Green Cause of his/her choice. The second prize winner, determined by who receives the most votes via comments and faves, will receive a special Ecojot prize pack valued at over $50. (is it wrong that I want second prize and not first? Hah!)

So get snapping, ecochicks, and good luck!


Christina said...

I love ecojet! My work orders these and they are stylish and sustainable. The must have notebook of the year!

ur said...

Ecojot is great! I wish that their large notebooks didn't have such thick covers - great for writing on but makes the books so heavy!

The designs though are so fun!