Monday, March 9, 2009

Edun Live: Your new favourite T-Shirt

Even to this day, 6 months pregnant, I still squeeze my swollen belly into my favourite pre-pregnancy T-shirts. And why not? They're my favourite items. They're comfy, they're soft, they're flattering... well, at least they were before my belly started annexing entire postal codes. But what if your favourite t-shirt wasn't just making *you* happy, it was also helping other people?

If you're as addicted to your favourite tee as I am, then you should be checking out the collection at Bono's EDUN LIVE: Organic t-shirts where every T-shirt is fairly sourced from a growing network of factories in Sub-Saharan Africa. Edun uses organic products wherever possible and encourages their suppliers to learn about organic farming.

The tees are priced at $28 (not sure of the currency!) which, when you think about it, is a fair price to ensure everyone down the line who created your tee gets a fair wage - from the cotton grower to the manufacturer and everyone in between.

So check it out at EDUN LIVE: T-Shirts that help create jobs in Africa.

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