Monday, October 27, 2008

Eccolo: Writing Green

For those of you who need to write things down because you're prematurely senile like me, there's always a home for a good notebook. Made in Italy, these pretty, sleek books come with 100% recycled leather covers and paper from certified wellmanaged regrowth forests. In a few pretty and handy designs, these books will be both useful and admired. The Terra journal, shown at right, has a handy elastic to keep the cover shut and hold your notes, receipts or photos - whatever you have tucked inside the pages of your book - safe. The Nature journals have pretty silhouette art and inspirational sayings, while the Rustico journals look worn and weathered from the beginning. So pretty!

You can find Eccolo journals at your local Chapters Store.

1 comment:

Urban Girl said...

love this, love this, love this!

Finally a env.-friendly choice that can rival Moleskines!