Monday, June 30, 2008

UMBRA Eco-Friendly Designs

Umbra, the creators of fine, funky household products, have recently released an Eco-Friendly line. These products, made from more environmentally friendly materials such as corn-based plastic, bamboo and sustainable wood, allow you to select stylish alternatives for your home that won't be hanging around 'til the sun goes nova (props to anyone who gets that literary reference!)

While the best alternative for green living is to first - consume less and second - to reuse, repurpose, re-source or recycle what you already have, it's still great to see manufacturers coming up with alternatives that aren't made out of petroleum-based plastics that are tough to recycle, for those times when you do need to buy something new. Kudos to Umbra!

You can find Umbra products at most department and home stores across the country.

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