Friday, June 27, 2008

Toronto Life: Where To Find The Freshest Food In The City

Torontonians alert: Are you wondering where to find great local food? Wondering which farmer is which? Wondering what the difference is between local meat and supermarket meat? Rejoice: The July issue of Toronto Life magazine tells you Where to find the Freshest Food in the city.

There's a full 2008 guide to Farmers' Markets, letting you know where and when the markets take place, as well as how many vendors will be there. There are interviews with several local food producers who've been doing things differently for years, and that will give you some fresh insight into the connection between how our food is produced and how it ends up on our table. There's information on several native, local foods that are only available briefly over the course of the summer, foods that we rarely see in a big-box grocery store and that we've been missing out on for years. Blurbs on great local meats, wonderful Ontario wines, cheeses and fish round out the feature. If you're in the GTA, you should pick this issue up - or borrow one from a friend.

Has a local publication featured something similar in your city? Let ecochick know.

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