Monday, May 12, 2008

There's a website ecochick's fond of, and while it isn't necessarily green, it is most definitely fun. It's called Kirtsy. You may have known it previously - and seen it on one of ecochick's links - as Sk*rt ( The ladies needed to rebrand and they've done it in awesome style.

Kirtsy is a social media platform whereby folks like you and me submit links we find fun, cool, interesting, thought provoking - whatever! Then the readers and the team of editors check out the links, with the most popular bubbling to the top - rather like the Digg model, except oh-so-much-more stylish. It's a great place to find something new and thought - or credit-card - provoking, and it's also the perfect place to get the word out on something that you have found and think others would like to find too.

Simply sign up for an account at Kirtsy and then you're free to submit, vote and comment on links. And ecochick would be forever grateful if, when you find something cool here, you submit it or vote for it on Kirtsy - spread the word!

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Love it.

PS. Your design rocks.