Monday, November 5, 2007

Orphanage Clothing

ecochick's already brought you a few designers who create new fashion out of old clothes, including Mod to Modern, Preloved, and On & On Ecolo Chic. Each designer creates new and original garments with their own unique style. The latest entry in to this category on ecochick, Orphanage Clothing sends style stakes in a completely new direction. To quote: An Institute for the aid and protection of the needy and less fortunate t-shirt.

That's right: vintage T-shirts, their logos showing anything from what you do to where you travelled to who you mock, are rescued and redesigned into new fashionable duds. Designer Kim Munson has several standard shapes she works with, from the Hilton or the Baby Doll for women to the Square One or Cottage Tee for men. She also creates ladies' dresses from trenchcoats, and jackets from jeans. Her creativity is boundless, and will carry on just as long as the homelessness crisis for t-shirts continues unabated.

Check out all of the Orphanage styles at their website, which also lists the retailers carrying their styles across Canada.

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