Friday, November 2, 2007


Do you ever wonder how that friend who has the negligible income always manages to have the most fabulous clothes? It's not credit, my friends, it's smart secondhand shopping. I'm not talking about sifting through the bins at goodwill; I'm talking about a funky consignment shop like Ottawa's Hush. Hush isn't just used clothes. It's all name brand, at a fraction of the original cost. The bright, open space, filled with two year old (or less!) gently used fashions is a pleasure to browse through. Tops, dresses, jeans, jackets, even accessories, whatever your heart desires, in every size. The owners' discerning taste means that every piece on the rack is desirable and in great condition.

Hush also offers a "special item search". If there's something you have your eye out for, let them know and they'll notify you if they get it in.

What if your closet is bulging with stuff you never wear? Don't fret; bring your clean, pressed, name brand duds to Hush and they'll consign it for you. If it sells, you get 40% of the final selling price. Which you can then turn right around into buying new bargain stuff from Hush.. what a splendid cycle!

Hush is located in trendy Westboro in Ottawa.

Do you have a cool secondhand shop in your Canadian city? Let ecochick know!

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