Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kicking Horse Coffee

"We need more coffee", said ecodude.

"On the list", said ecochick.

But what to buy? There's plenty of brands, lots of beans, lots of image, but who knows what's what? Who's really making the money from my sweet, sweet bag of caffeine?

Browsing the shelf, ecochick noticed a black bag of coffee beans.

A black bag with attitude.

The black bag of Kicking Horse Coffee.

Excellent Thing 1: A Canadian brand, roasted, bagged and distributed from Invermere, British Columbia, although whether they are still in their garage is debatable.

Excellent Thing 2: Certified Fair trade. Grown in countries around the world and obtained through co-ops, Fair Trade certification ensures that the farmers who grow the beans are fairly compensated, thus supporting their local economies while providing us with our North American caffeine jolts.

Excellent Thing 3: Certified Organic, Shade Grown coffee. No pesticides, herbicides or other persistent, damaging chemicals, and grown in the far more sustainable, taste-friendly shade.

Excellent Thing 4: Seriously good coffee. Cliff Hanger, with its strong, sweet espresso taste is to ecochick's liking; there are plenty of other blends to suit everyone including Kick Ass dark roast, Jumbo Wild medium roast, and plenty more. Try this coffee.

You can buy Kicking Horse Coffee online or through various retailers (I found mine at Sobeys).

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