Friday, November 9, 2007

4 Copas Tequila

When you've had a rough week, sometimes the only thing that'll help is Tequila.

Specifically, 4 Copas Tequila, the first tequila that's been certified as organic. Made from sustainably farmed blue agave, this distillery not only cares about the environment, but also about the people it employs. From their website:

"[with] Native Mexicans' sacred appreciation of the provider Goddess Mayag├╝el, we renew this respect by healing the soil. Tireless passion for the perfect distillation and intense practice of the cultural symbol of Mexico, Charreria (or the rodeo) at the distillery bring tradition full circle into the hand crafted bottle.

...its purity of spirit is what really makes you 'feel' good at the moment you savour it and expecially the following day. You may catch yourself thinking "I was drinking tequila last night....I was very happy...why do I feel so great today?" That's the 4 Copas way.

...Let us drink together for it is said that if one shares 4 Copas (4 Cups) with friends, they will be friends for life.

So enjoy your Friday Margarita, knowing that your tequila is friendly to the earth.. and its natural, organic nature is also reportedly friendlier to your liver!

4 Copas creates several variants of tequila including fresh white Blanco, rich, smooth Reposado, aged, sophisticated Anejo and top of the line, $1000 a bottle Limited Edition.

4 Copas is available across Canada including at the LCBO in Ontario, as well as at other fine selected establishments.

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