Friday, September 28, 2007


sukicolor at ecochickSomeone said "Necessity is the mother of invention". The internet says it was Plato. The makeup gods say it was Suki Kramer. Tired of products that always irritated her sensitive skin and her allergies, Suki quite literally took matters in to her own hands and came up with the suki line of fresh finish mineral cream makeup products and pure skin care products.

Made from organic, vegetarian, cruelty-free natural ingredients, these products are good for your skin and for your environment. Suki's products are also unique in that they are multitaskers: The triple cream eye definer can be used as a shadow, liner or brow definer; the pure cream stain is used for lip or cheek. Even better, the shades of each can be mixed and matched and blended to come up with your own signature colour.

Ah, all that organic good-for-you stuff is fine and good, but how well do they work? Asks you. Most awesomely, says ecochick. The pure cream stain as a lip colour goes on with a smooth, rich glide (use a lipstick brush to apply). The colour varies in intensity the more you put on: use a little bit for a hint of colour, a lot for full-on look-out lady lips. The product is very matte and as a result long-lasting; our team had it on for hours with no need to reapply. If you like a look with more shine, you'll need to add a lip gloss on top. Either way, lips feel smooth, soft, and look sweet!

The Triple Cream Eye definer works similarly in that if you want intense colour, just put more product on! Since it's a cream, it feels different if you're used to a powder - it goes on exceptionally smoothly and spreads beautifully, but it isn't dry instantly. So the eyelids may feel a little clammy temporarily - blending very well helps this. But it's worth it - this cream has kick ass staying power.

The sukicolor line also includes tinted active moisturizer - the equivalent to foundation, liquid formula concealer, and rich pigment mascara.

Suki products are available via lilou organics online and various retailers across Canada.

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