Thursday, September 27, 2007

On & On écolo chic

The manufacture of clothing is one of the most environmentally taxing on the planet, between growing cotton fibres, manufacturing polyester from petroleum, harvesting and weaving silk.. the list goes on. While organically grown cotton is definitely better for the environment, and alternative fibres such as hemp and bamboo kick polyester's ass, the most environmentally friendly alternative is to not consume. It's easy, just don't buy anything from virgin fibers... meaning, anything brand new from a store. But.. what's a fashion conscious chick to do?

On & On at EcoChickEnter On & On. This unique designer takes homeless clothing and redesigns them in to new, fun and fabulous fashions - with nary an environmental blip! They even provide a service for people to bring in their own clothing and get new re-jazzified duds back. Each piece is utterly unique, one of a kind new-vintage chic. Styles range from girly frills to all-business attire, from bohemian draped scarf-skirts to fit-like-a-glove skirts.

The On & On Boutique is located in Montreal, and their clothes are available at several shops across Canada - and even in France! Check their website for details.

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