Monday, September 17, 2007

Ecochick Believes

... that people have an environmental conscience.

... that people want to do the right thing.

... that people want to spend their money wisely.

... that consumers are discerning and want high quality products.

... that we should hold the products we use every day to a higher standard.

... that we need to ask every day whether products we use are healthy and sustainable for us and for our environment.

... that quality does not only encompass the consumer use of the product, it also extends to the manufacture and disposal of the product and all of its components.

... that organic, natural, healthy choices should not be branded as "alternative".

... that smart consumers want both style and substance.

... that consumers, given the choice, will choose the product that is better for them and for their environment.

... that if we demand that manufacturers give us healthier, sustainable, high quality products, they will deliver.

... that we can have it all.

1 comment:

honeybunch said...

Yay. I like your manifesto.