Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime, And The Dressing Is Easy With MiiK

In this house, there are things that are just plain necessities when it comes to clothing. Pretty. Versatile. Machine washable. And eco-friendly.

The lovely, lovely, lovely pieces from new fashion line MiiK fit all of the criteria above - and they'll fit you, too.  Look at the pretty Sally dress, at right, in sizes XS-XL, made from mostly bamboo-sourced-rayon (meaning: uber soft and drapes like a dream) with a touch of lycra for stretchability and durability. So nice!

MiiK makes all of its clothing using fabric made from a "certified closed-loop system" which ensures that the environmental impact is minimized. The fabric is then shipped to Canada and all garments are made here before being delivered to their delighted recipients.

The Sally dress pictured here is $125 in the MiiK shop. There's loads of other delicious styles on their website too - definitely stick around to check them out.


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Marie said...

Nice post and an interesting brand, but I have to say something about the material that is used; we often think that every textile generated from bamboo is eco-friendy, but this is not completely true. Bamboo can be processed in two different ways; mechanical crushing to extract the fibres (like they do with hemp) or breaking the fibres chemically with lye, carbon disulphide and strong acids, then extruding them through mechanical spinnerets. From an environmental point of view the two production methods are a world of difference, and the second method (used for rayon bamboo as used for this brand) is not per definition very eco-friendly!
That doesn't mean that the type they used is 'bad' (I don't know their certificates and labels) but I just wanted you guys to know that the label 'eco' is sometimes given to quickly.

Miik said...

I just wanted to post a response to the above post. Miik takes the environment seriously and while we know that some companies are using bamboo and rayon less responsibly, we are not. We used a closed-loop production cycle so that our workers and the environment are protected from the harmful chemicals that are sometimes used in the production of rayon from bamboo. Please read more on our website at We have a very linear, trackable path of production and used sustainably and organically raised bamboo + the key parts of our production process are safely recyclable.

James Paulson said...

Great brand with even greater people behind their mission!