Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby's Chic in Hemp IsaBooties!

Finding eco-friendly footwear is always an exercise in frustration, for big people as well as little teeny newborn people. True, it's difficult for many fabrics to withstand the daily grind of being ground in to the ground by thousands of steps, day after day, so shoes do have to be made of tougher stuff at times. And when you're talking about baby shoes, you're also talking about having shoes that can tolerate getting grubby and being washed over and over and over again.

So that's why I loved these IsaBooties I found at The Green Collection. The uppers are soft, natural yet tough hemp and are lined with organic cotton, meaning that not only are they uber-hippie-chic, you can also pitch them in the washing machine when Junior drops his organic applesauce all over them. All IsaBooties are 100% animal free, are made in the USA with fair labour, and even the packaging is recycled and recyclable. Not to mention, how cute can you get?

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