Monday, October 18, 2010

LABEL boutique - ecofriendly clothing

We expect a lot of our clothing. Or at least, we should. Especially good, pricey, designer stuff. It should make you look good, for one. Good clothing should make the observer notice the wearer, not the worn. And good clothing should also make you feel good. That feeling good comes in a number of forms, from feeling confident about the way you look to feeling ecofriendly and responsible about the choices you're making as a consumer.

Not feeling it with your current brands? Then you really need to check out LABEL. Their line is specific and exclusive, with a total of 10 pieces (plus various colour options) available.  This means that each piece is made with a great deal of consideration and forethought for design, wearability, usability and versatility. Take, for example, the Wrap Dress at left. Made from 93% sustainable bamboo and 7% spandex for stretchability and wearability, this dress will flatter virtually any shape and can be mixed and matched as a wardrobe staple with any number of styles. All of the pieces in the LABEL closet are made that way: LABEL is "a collection of clothing perfectly suited to creative contemporary women looking for room to interpret current trends. LABEL resists the urge to define its wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing. LABEL reinvents the basics, inspiring and encouraging generous styling and wardrobe play."

All LABEL clothing is made wherever possible with natural, organic, renewable or reclaimed fibers. All pieces are made locally by fairly paid contractors. And this part I love: LABEL minimizes waste by donating all fabric scraps to a local artist who incorporates them into handmade stuffed creatures. Heart!

But even knowing all that awesome eco- and socially-friendly stuff, with styles like this gorgeous, statement-making Cape or this fabulously versatile Cardigan (both made from Tencel - a wood based fiber - and wool) it's obvious that the point with LABEL is really the clothes. Want!

Interested? Check out their online store. And here's a special bonus for ecochick readers: Simply enter the code "ecochick" in the coupon line in your shopping cart when shopping at LABEL and enjoy 20% off your purchase. Now that's smart!

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