Monday, October 25, 2010

Buenostyle Jewelry

Sometimes I wonder why anyone would ever go "new" when vintage and eco is just so gorgeous. Case in point: Bueno Style Jewelry. Made by Vancouver creative-eco-type Christi York, Buenostyle jewelry is fun, classical, one of a kind (or one of a few) jewelry pieces. She uses discontinued stock glass and brass from most of the 20th century that she finds in shops, sals or other secret locations, and either works them in to completely new pieces or sells the vintage jewelry as is. For example, take a look at this beautiful ornate pendant that would be certain to become a family heirloom, or these vintage filigree and Swarovski crystal earrings showing a beautiful blend of vintage and new.

When you browse her Etsy shop, you'll discover that she often writes the history of where and how she found the various components of each item, adding a little bit of the "story" and helping you fall in love with each piece more and more. Imagine being able to tell everyone the history of your jewelry!

The Buenostyle line is available at various retailers across Canada, and is also available online at her Etsy shop.  If you're a vintage jewelry lover remember before you click: This shop is dangerous for your credit card. Proceed accordingly.

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BuenoStyle said...

Thanks for much for your kind post! I love your blog, full of great information.

Just want to also let people know that I'm having a sale on now in my etsy shop - ends Sunday 31st of October.

Thanks again!