Monday, August 16, 2010


So, if you go to the Ottawa Farmers' Market on Sundays at Landsdowne, you see a gorgeous range of stands. Stands with local fruits and vegetables and meats, some organic. Stands with delicious food to eat then and there. Pretty crafts. And some stands, you walk by them and you smell them before you see them.. the smell of lovely lavender and cinnamon and sweet essential oils.

uFabu is one of those stands.

The gorgeous, indulgent scent is but one reason you should walk in to the uFabu stand, though. There are lots of other reasons, all evident in the beautiful layout of products available.

The quirky, fun, oh-so-stylish (as in, you totally want your friends to see your bath stuff cause it's so stylin) labels identify their selection of products, categorized by UnderWater (bath salts, soaks and soaps), SkinDeep (creams, rubs, even zinc sunscreens) and In The Mirror (face stuff - scrubs, lip balms).  Eco-friendly, organic as much as possible, preservative-free, look gorgeous on your bathroom or vanity shelf, and beautiful, peace-invoking scents all mean that these products are truly ones you should covet. Of course, if that wasn't enough: Canadian. Local to the National Capital region. But if you're not lucky enough to live here, they also conveniently have an online store.

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maria said...

i'm so happy to find these guys on your blog (great site btw ). i luv, luv, luv these products! i've been using ufabu for about 3 yrs. and currently hooked on ''saving face''. also, i might add that being a gardener/landscaper, there is nothing that gets my face cleaner than the ''about face'' facial scrub. one more thing ( i can't say enough ), probably the best all natural soap i've ever used from here to california.