Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Monkeys Coffee and Tea House: Coffee with Monkeys!

Not that long ago, I said that there is an underserved market out there. That market is the parent market. The people who have young children but still want to get out and be in a place that has things adults like (ethical products, good food, comfy chairs) as well as being kid friendly (toys, place is pretty indestructible, nobody notices/minds if your kid makes noise). Rob Kay and Jill Sheppard obviously thought the same thing (great minds) and have seized on that market opportunity and opened up Two Monkeys Coffee and Tea House in Barrhaven, just outside Ottawa.

What's in it for grownups? Organic coffee and tea, fresh soups, Cinnamon Pecan sticky buns, homemade food by Grandma, squashy chairs, and other grownups.

What's in it for kids? A cleverly divided big play area with toys, bright colours, and other kids.

The best of both worlds, finally.

Located on Strandherd drive, Two Monkeys is just minutes from downtown Ottawa and virtually anywhere in the west end. See you there soon!


Polkaroo said...

Their pecan sticky buns are to die for!!

Melody said...

There is a pizza restaurant in Vancouver that serves organic pizza, etc. and has a great play area for kids. They also work hard with the community to make it a better place.

Wenona said...

I wish there were kid friendly places like that here in the US. So far I haven't found anything that combines adult atmosphere stuff like coffee and comfy chairs with a kid friendly area.

I would kill for a place like that (which hopefully would include wifi access).