Monday, November 2, 2009

Kaia Bamboo facial cleansing cloths: Ecofriendly travel cleaning

In a neverending quest to eco-friendlify the daily routines, I've made lots of small changes. Instead of using cotton balls to remove eye makeup, for example, I'll just put some eye makeup remover on a facecloth. Easy peasy. But what happens in a hotel or on the road, when you don't want to leave black eye makeup stains on someone else's facecloths?

These bamboo facial cleansing cloths from kaia solve that problem elegantly. These neat little gems are made with 100% bamboo and come in a packet of 30 unbleached, pre-moistened cloths, soaked with goodness like 8 pure citrus essential oils, Canadian organic honey, sunflower seed oil and oat amino acids. And they work like a charm, whisking away the toughest eye makeup and leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards. If you check out their website, you can learn more about Kaia's philosophy and ingredients too... nice to read an ingredient list that explains exactly what's in a product and why, for a change.

Check these links to find where to buy online or in store.

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