Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion High's Green Christmas Market - November 28

Found this gem in my inbox - so great to see more and more of these eco-friendly markets popping up everywhere, making green gift giving easy!

When the season of consumerism comes around it’s easy to get ‘wrapped’ up in all of the shiny holiday festivities and forget about the commitment you have made to the environment. But don’t wallow in holiday shopper’s remorse; balance the scales by picking up some unique and sustainable gifts from the Green Christmas Market!

The fourth annual Green Christmas Market is back with fervor and now organized by local fashion organization Fashion High. Hosted at the Cambrian Hall, Green Christmas boasts a collection of local artists, designers and even chefs who all work within an eco-friendly discipline. Pick up some nibblies by Say See Bon Patisserie, find wearable art at Kulus Designs, and even some for your walls with the Petri Dish, plus many many more!

Make label reading one less thing you have to do this year, all of Green Christmas’ vendors are 100% local and eco-friendly! “Each vendor had to fall under at least one of two categories- Recycled: using pre-existing materials to create something new. Or Sustainable: using a material that is considered natural and low-impact like organic fibres,” explains Kristi Carignan, Board Member of Fashion High and Lead Organizer of Green Christmas.

Fashion High’s Green Christmas Market- a one day celebration of uniquely sustainable gifts: Saturday November 28th at the Cambrian Hall (215 East 17th Ave-just off Main Street) from 11am-5pm. Admission $2 (children 12 and under free)

For full vendor listing please visit The Green Christmas Market Blog.

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Robb said...

Hi there,

With the holiday season i'm working on some holiday post cards, yet i'm finding it tough to find a printer who can print in recycled card stock (100% pcw or pre-consumer consumer waste), without ordering 250+ bulk.

I'm only looking to print about 100 post cards.. do you know what printers there are in Toronto that will do custom digital prints?