Friday, October 23, 2009

Bamboosa Bath Towels - snuggly ecofriendly clean

Bath time was a challenge around these parts for a while, what with the screaming and the... screaming. Babies seem to have a natural aversion to being bathed, as it turns out. But once the bath is done, the screaming quickly subsides as soon as we wrap her in this luxurious Hooded Towel from Bamboosa. Bamboo fabrics have become a real hit around here, with their soft, silky feel, wicked absorbency and natural antibacterial properties. The hooded towel is generously sized to give you lots of room to wrap baby comfortably and warm her up when she's soaking wet, with its thirsty loops drying her off in an instant. Just hang the towel to dry when you're done and you're ready to go for next time. The towel comes in a variety of pretty colours, but we chose the nice natural colour here. And there's even a Preemie sized towel for those babies who are in extra-wee sizes.

We got ours at Baby On The Hip, but there's lots and lots of stores across the US and Canada where these great towels can be found. Check it out!

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