Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aveda Stylists Must-Have Offers: Free samples!

Interested in trying out new Aveda products? Today only, you can moisturize and strengthen hair with two free treatment samples: Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy Treatment, plus Free Shipping with all orders over $25. Simply enter offer code REMEDY9 at checkout.

Why Aveda? Many of their lines contain organic and naturally derived ingredients. Packaging is recycled and recyclable. And several of their products have been granted the coveted Cradle to Cradle sustainability endorsement (including some Dry Remedy products!):

Cradle to Cradle product certifications... recognize Aveda's recent extraordinary efforts to develop products and processes that conform to the world's most advanced standards for intelligent design, sustainable stewardship and reuse of materials.

And free samples don't hurt.

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