Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anna Sova Luxury Organics

Are you looking for organic cotton textiles for your home, but you're also looking for the finer things in life?

Then you should look at Anna Sova Luxury Organics, where you will find the most gorgeous, thick, amazingly decadent textiles but all made with organic cotton and ethical practices. That means no toxic or petrochemical pesticides. No dioxin bleaches or optical whiteners. No heavy metal dyes. No formaldehyde or silicone sizing; made with fair labor practices. Look at these gorgeous sheets: 460 thread count. Imagine that.

They've got a wide range of bedding options from sheets to duvet covers to bedskirts and more. They also carry towels, aromatherapy bath and body products and lots more. They're available in Canada at one store so far, but you can also buy online. Sweet.

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