Monday, August 25, 2008

Tanis Alexis eco-conscious art

First shop in our Etsy week: Vancouver's Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. These lovely creations are whimsical and unique, in a range of sizes to perfectly fit that blank piece of wall you're looking to fill. With pretty, pale pastel colours and thoughtful, endearing characters, these pieces would be gorgeous in a bedroom, child's room or wherever you need a little bubble of happiness.

Original pieces are made from non-toxic materials including water-based pigments, rice clue and recycled paper, pasted onto a salvaged piece of wood. In her own words: I have no qualms about diving into a dumpster to save useable pieces of scrap wood to use as the base for my art. I hope the efforts have an impact on how you might re-use materials meant for the dump. Now that's eco!

There are also plenty of beautiful photos and prints of original artwork, all printed by On Your Marks Prints, who specialize in high quality, no waste print technology, no chemical inks and all images printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers.

You can see the entire collection at Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. Enjoy!

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