Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roots Canada Collection: Organic patriotism

In case you weren't aware, ecochick has another blog over here. It's my personal blog, where I rant and rave and generally make an ass of myself. I tend to be a lot more well behaved over here. At any rate, last week I posted a rant about the Olympic Gear worn by our athletes in Beijing. Roots used to do the Olympic gear but lost the contract to The Bay. Well, undaunted, Roots continues to create a Canada line, which kicks the butt of the official Olympic gear. There's a women's and men's line, and many of the items are made from organic cotton. Check out the Maple Organic Hoody as shown here, or perhaps the Maple Organic Polo for men. These comfortable, robust and trendy items are an excellent way to show your patriotism!

Roots items are available online or at their many retail locations across Canada.

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C.E. said...

You've got to love Roots! Their clothes do look a million times better than the official stuff, and it's nice to have a mainstream retailer that sells organic clothing for those of us who don't have credit cards & therefore can't shop online.