Friday, July 4, 2008

Recycle your Crocs!

Finally come to your senses tired of your old Crocs? Free up the enormous amount of room in your closet by donating your shoes to the Soles United program. You donate your used footwear to a participating retailer (although they don't have any listed for Canada as of yet - boo!) or mail them directly to the program. SolesUnited then takes the shoes to be cleaned, sorted, ground and repurposed into new footwear. They've partnered with aid organizations around the world to distribute the recycled shoes. The only downside? The ensuing worldwide epidemic of frightening footwear. Are we really doing impoverished countries a favour by giving them one of the greatest fashion scourges known to the western world? Tossup.


Halyma said...

Yeah, hmm, I believe in recycling by all means, but well, I have avoided the crocs syndrome - and hope to keep clear of the infection.

Unless you can tell me that they are made from recycled plastic - and even then...

Passing them along to folk who are in need, may be a help for them, but maybe we should think about not buying these things to start with :-)

lewister said...

Your link to Soles United isn't working. Tries to go to a blogger create post page.

I just recently donated my Crocs. Quite a simple thing to do. And there are tons of cute styles out now that look nothing like the gardening-clog style we all associate with Crocs (like in the photo you show). And the Soles United brand that you can purchase are made with recycled materials for those of you who'd prefer to buy recycled. Still can't decide on which style I want to get to replace the ones I donated though.