Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maggie's Functional Organics: Fun, Functional Clothing

Spotted at Arbour Environmental Shoppe: Maggie's Functional Organics. Maggie's line runs from baby gear to yoga-style loungewear to fun, stylish tops and even a fun, wide range of socks. And who doesn't want organic feet, I ask you?

Maggie's Functional Organics strives to "provide a direct and vital link between the organic, sustainable agricultural community and the end user of these products. This connection should serve to educate and enlighten each player in the production chain of the interdependence we share in serving and promoting the health and general welfare of the planet upon which we live and the people who inhabit it." The ethos is working: people are saying great things about Maggie's stuff - perhaps you will too!

Maggie's Functional Organics are available on their website or at eco-shops across Canada.

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Urban Girl said...

I had a hard time finding eco-friendly tights and was excited when I found Maggie's but I ordered two pairs and both of them had the craziest fit. Way too long in the torso and the stocking/leg was too short. SO I won't be buying their stockings every again. (Just read that SILKS has an eco-line now so I may try that!)

But do love Maggie's pj set and have a great organic cotton scarf also!