Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weed Hound

Here's how the spring thought process went:

"I want to go pesticide-free this year. I don't want to use cosmetic chemicals."

"But gaaah, look at those dandelions!"

So you resolve to pull out the weeds by hand. It's not hard, it's good exercise, et cetera. But you don't want to do it with a shovel, because that's overkill, and hands and knees is mighty uncomfortable. So you seek out a weed pulling contraption.. and most weed pullers just don't cut it. They're overly complicated or else they just don't work. The last one I tried was beyond useless. I'm sure that if I had had a thorough training course on it, I would have been able to weed my lawn successfully, but as I didn't have a spare month the dandelions, by and large, remained.

And then I found the Weed Hound.

This puppy works. You simply put it over the weed, push it down with your foot, pull it up and voila - weed is out. You just press the lever at the top to release it into your weed bag or composter or wherever you're putting the weedy remnants. It makes weeding easy - and almost turns it into an epic challenge, giving you superhero capabilities against the evil dandelions or prickles or whatever else is unwelcome in your lawn or garden. All pesticide free. It's built to last, so you can conquer the weeds year after year.

I found my Weed Hound at Canadian Tire, and I've heard rumours they're at Lee Valley Tools as well. Go forth and conquer!

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Hit Pay Dirt said...

We've got one of these and they're great! A word of advice though - it works much better when the ground is wet (i.e. after a serious rainfall - not just putting on the sprinkler). Dandelions just slide right out.

If the ground is dry then the tap root tends to break off in the ground which means you're back where you started in a few weeks.