Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Toronto based Soleado Casa has an aim: To make your home a safer place to live, while reducing waste. To that end, Chief Mama Tracy Hodges creates all-natural cleaning supplies for you to use around your home. She's taken everything into account - for example, she searched high and low for the perfect spray bottle, one that will both be easy to use but that will also not overdispense product. She blends an entire line of cleaning supplies for you to use, including a Natural Spray and Wipe with Tea Tree oil, good for anywhere in your home, and with the fresh scent of tea tree oil it is particularly good in stinky places like diaper pails or garbage cans. There's also their crisp, citrusy Natural All Purpose Cleaner, with all natural, chemical-free ingredients and an organic, biodegradeable soap base.

If you're interested in trying out all of the products, you can purchase the awesome Cleaning Caddy which has the Natural Spray and Wipe, Natural All Purpose Cleaner, a jar of their awesome Tub Scrub (made from baking soda, organic soap, vegetable glycerin and citrus essential oils), a bottle of Cleaning Concentrate for refills, an empty bottle with a recipe for homemade window cleaner (awesome idea!) and a set of microfiber cleaning cloths. Each cloth is made for a different purpose - dusting, glass and mirror, kitchen and bathroom, and general cleaning - and because they're specially made for surfaces, you use less product. Nice! The caddy costs $30, and like all of their products is available online. Shipping is always a flat rate of $7 anywhere in Canada!

They also make a great line of Baby and Mama products, such as a sweet Sunny Mum Kit for new moms to help in the healing process, or a Sunny Bum Kit for a newborn's delicate rear. All of their products are extremely reasonably priced and definitely worth trying out in your home - swing by their website and see if you like what you find!

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