Friday, June 20, 2008

Soji: Outdoor Solar Chic

Spotted in Green Living Magazine: these beautiful Solar Chinese Lanterns from Soji. These pretty lanterns have a rechargeable battery and solar panel to charge it during the day, then they glow their soft, pretty colours into the evening. They are made from sturdy nylon, not paper, no worries about getting them caught in the rain. You can hang them or simply place them orb-like on your tabletop, watching your friends bask in their lovely green/blue/red/etc. glow. They're available in six bright colours (all the ones pictured plus a new pink one) that cast beautiful soft glowing light across your evening.

They're $17.99 each at

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treava said...

I have three of these and I love them. They cast a really nice glow and can withstand a bit of nasty weather.