Monday, June 16, 2008

simply. sweet, silky handmade soaps

Looking for a new soap alternative, one that's more organic, less mass produced, more fun? Toronto based simply. creates a delicious range of fair trade, organic soaps using products such as olive, coconut, palm kernel and sunflower oils, and scented with essential oils in a range of fantastic flavours - patchouli, tangerine, peppermint, cinnamon, the list goes on. The creator of simply. has a background in herbalism and aromatherapy, and applied this knowledge to create her beautiful line of products including:

soap: a rich, moisturizing bar created to clean and gently enrich your skin.
body polish: organic sugar blended with nourishing oils to leave your skin looking fresh and feeling smooth.
body butter: fair trade shea and cocoa butter hand-blended to create a rich, chocolate scented moisturizer.

There's plenty of advantages to using simply.soaps: since they are handmade, they retain their naturally occurring glycerin and therefore remain far more moisturizing than your average store-bought soap. And with vitamin E playing a dual role, as skin nutrient and as a natural preservative, these soaps will leave your skin feeling better than you'd ever expect.

simply. products are available at various shops across Canada.

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Lor said...

Ecochick. Thanks for the link! Through that page I found that The Clean Food Connection is only 10 mins away from my house! I didn't even know it existed!