Tuesday, June 17, 2008

mohop: seriously sustainable shoes

There's more to being environmentally friendly than just slapping a "green" label on your product. To truly make a difference, a product should make a person think about "how" they're using it - how long, how often, how well it stands up to normal use, how much impact the product has as it's being manufactured or at the end of its life, how well it can be disposed. If the product has sustainability, durability and versatility, you've almost hit nirvana - if you add style into the equation, it's almost impossible to beat.

So when you investigate these shoes from mohop, you'll be amazed at exactly how well it fits each of the above criteria. The shoe they've dubbed the "Infinity Sandal" is handmade from sustainable wood and recycled rubber, making them very durable. By using their patent pending elastic loops on the sides of the shoe, the wearer is able to weave ribbons in any variety of combinations or layouts, colours or textures, to make the shoe truly unique for every situation.

And as for style - they have it down, with a smart chunky wedge and a bent ply heel in three heights - low, medium and wowza. There's also a wide range of ribbons to choose from. If you're wondering exactly how diverse you could possibly get with your feet, check out the Gallery to see the incredible range of ways these shoes can be worn.

They're available online (leave several weeks for delivery - hey, they're handmade!). The good news is, shipping is $2 worldwide (although this doesn't take into account customs fees and all that fun stuff.) They're also available at a few select retailers in Canada.


Hit Pay Dirt said...

good god, those are gorgeous!

ecochick said...

Aren't they amazing? They aren't cheap, but when you think you can wear them for literally years and tart 'em up however you like, they're worth it.

Hit Pay Dirt said...

my coworker and I spent a good hour oggling them and I've already printed the sizing sheet. I can't stop thinking about them!! :)

Daniel said...

Super cute!