Monday, June 2, 2008

Echoes In The Attic

Echoes in the Attic bag. No, you can't have it. Not yours.Readers, I'll admit it: I think I squealed. In public. Like a 17 year old in the presence of [insert A-list teenybopper star]. I saw the green and purple bag and I ran over and snatched it up and said, "MINE", frightening the poor lady from Dandelion Mud Pie whose kiosk was carrying this little gem. Then, of course, after I picked up this bag and clutched it territorially to my chest, I then spotted the one behind it and said... oooh. This one's nice too...

This beautiful handbag, and tons more like it, are made by awesome ladies who call themselves Echoes in the Attic. These two mompreneurs decided to make changes in their lives, and started making these bags with a difference - each bag is made out of fabric that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. So, remnants from upholstery or other industry (the inside of this bag is lined with a pretty, heavy tapestry, and has three useful pockets made out of ultrasuede!), from old clothing, or from wherever they can get it, goes into making these pretty bags. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours, and the ladies also make funky jewelry to compliment your fab new bag. Each piece is totally unique, which is so refreshing - you're making your own statement instead of the same one hundreds of others are making. And not being mass produced is great for the environment too! So if you find one you love you had better grab it, because otherwise it will be gone and won't be back. Such as this one pictured above. Which is Mine. Not yours.

Echoes in the Attic has been getting plenty of media coverage and is available at a wide variety of locations across Canada (including the fantastic Dandelion Mud Pie in Toronto). Seek them out. It's worth it.

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