Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby Boomba

ecochick does not have a child. But if she did, this kid would be totally stylin, what with all the awesome eco-baby shops that are around in Canada.

Take Baby Boomba for example. (And try not to get mesmerised by the unbelievable cuteness of the baby who's the model on the pages. I stared for at least 20 minutes, completely lobotomized.) Anyway, baby boomba has a ton of very cute baby products, and at least a couple of their items are made with sustainable fabrics, such as these totally awesome, customizeable onesies made from organic cotton or bamboo. You choose your preferred fabric, style and colour, then select the graphic, and you're good to go with your unique, whimsical onesie!

They also offer awesome eco-blankies, made from bamboo and cool, funky cotton patterns. And until you touch bamboo fabric, you won't realize how soft and lovely to the touch it is. They're a good size, ecofriendly and uber-cool to see.

They do carry several other items which are made from standard fabrics and materials. You can shop all their products online, and they're shippable across Canada!

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Couz said...

Gah! I love it!

I have to stop coming here... it feeds my online shopping addiction.