Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sustainable Ottawa

One great thing about the eco-craze is the fact that plenty of people aren't waiting for "someone else" to do something - lots of people are banding together and getting "something" done all by themselves.

One such group is Sustainable Ottawa Community Energy Co-Operative. Set up in 2007, the amazing Sarah, Pam and Rock have created a space for Ottawans to not only find out how to live more eco-friendly, but to also give us a benefit when we spend our dollars on sustainable services (ie. members-only discounts!) The website strives to provide a great range of information, such as tips on how to maintain a healthy lawn and garden or put in solar water heating. In addition, the co-op uses the power of numbers to make it easier for everyone to access ecofriendly goods and services. For example, there are several businesses within Ottawa that are members of the co-op and who give discounts to other members including The Table organic vegetarian restaurant, La Tierra Co-op, ecomama and more.

Membership costs $40 for five years, ie. free, and will get you advantages at many ecofriendly shops, and they're adding more all the time. Depending on what you use it for could pay for itself within weeks. Check it out, Ottawa!

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