Monday, May 26, 2008

LCBO ditching plastic bags

Following the lead of the NSLC and the prodding of the Ontario Premier, the LCBO has decided to phase out the use of plastic bags. The LCBO bags were heavier and thicker than "usual" shopping bags, presumably to enable you to carry 5 bottles of wine at once. (er, not that ecochick would ever need that much wine. *whistles innocently.*) As a result, they consume more resources to make and take longer to break down... if they ever did break down. So this news is an excellent step for the LCBO. They will use the current stocks of plastic bags until they run out. Following this, they will still be providing paper bags and cardboard boxes (which will be reused from wine shipments), and they will also be selling their enviro-bags made from sturdy cotton canvas for $3.95 each. These tall, compartmentalized bags are designed to carry wine, and will actually be easier to use than the plastic versions (as long as you remember to take them with you to the store.)

Prefer the heavy duty plastic bag? Simple solution - keep and reuse the ones you already have. They're still using them til they run out, so grab them while you can.


sassymonkey said...

I love my LCBO canvas bags. Especially the on that you have pictured that's separated for the bottles. I just wish it had a longer handle so I could put it over my shoulder.

dragonfly said...

I wish we had those LCBO bags out west, 3.95 is a steal for such a great bag!

boobookitty said...

The SAQ here in Quebec sells a similar bag as well! Great idea!