Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Natalie Carrière McGowan had a challenge. She had triplets on the way and wanted to find natural, environmentally friendly products to use when they arrived. She found lots of great products online, but thought, you know, that would have been a lot easier had there just been one site where I could have found it all.

So after she gave birth to her triplets, she gave birth to ecomama.ca, where tons of great environmentally friendly products are available in one online location. ecomama.ca carries great lines like Druide, BornFree baby bottles, Imagiplay toys and much more. Located in ecochick's local burb of Ottawa, ecomama.ca ships across Canada. They also recently opened a kiosk for those of you who prefer to shop in person.

ecomama.ca also has a blog where she tells you about store news and cool initiatives like Goods4Girls which is helping to provide reusable sanitary products to women in Africa.

You can find and buy all her great products at ecomama.ca!

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