Thursday, April 17, 2008


What a cool idea.

ecocho is a search engine that wants to make a difference. For every 1000 searches done, they'll sponsor the planting of two trees, offsetting up to a ton of greenhouse gases.

How does it work? ecocho uses already existing search engines like Google and Yahoo!, and simply gives you a page in front of it that's sponsored by advertising. The cash from the advertising is filtered through a carbon offsetting company, GSX and verified by KPMG. The money raised goes solely to purchasing forestry credits, thus ensuring trees are planted.

Right now the program is planting trees only in Australia, but hey - it's all one planet, and carbon capture is carbon capture. So if you want something you do every day to make a difference, try surfing through ecocho

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Urban Girl said...

This is great!

Thanks for posting.

I've loaded it on my browser.