Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daily Greenmail

In my never-ending quest to bring you the latest and coolest Green news, I've subscribed to many a website's emails and newsletters. For the ecocurious, here's what's arrived in the last week. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Dell's ReGeneration. The ReGeneration is a global movement - a group of people committed to sustaining the world's natural environment.

The Newsletter from Lime - healthy living with a twist! Lime is "a place where you can find all the ideas, information and resources to inspire you to live healthier and help make our planet greener - and have some fun while you're at it."

Green Living Online, the companion newsletter to Green Living's print magazine and website. And they're Canadian!

Ideal Bite's daily fix - easy eco-living tips delivered in a short, sassy email each workday.

British-based Hippyshopper - your guide to ethical consumerism. This one is a favourite in spite of - or perhaps because of - the fact that many of the eco-items they feature aren't available in Canada. Yet!

TreeHugger - Wide ranging, comprehensive, educated, smart and fun, TreeHugger is a must for any envirophile's inbox.

The Green Guide from National Geographic, the companion guide to the Green Guide print magazine.

The More Hip than Hippie newsletter from Greenfeet, an awesome US-based store with plenty of cool environmentally friendly products.

Lilou Organics sends out a periodic newsletter highlighting their latest and greatest wares, including frequent discounts and sales on ecofriendly beauty.

Finally, the Flick Off newsletter still arrives in my inbox, with plenty of cool tips on going green.

Just found a new one... the newsletter from Green Mom Finds!

What's your favourite?

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Cristina said...

Thanks for the link to our newsletter! I've added you to our Green Mom Blogroll. Nice to find your site! :)