Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Green Purse

On the web and now in (hopefully recycled paper and environmentally friendly glue) print: Big Green Purse, the brainchild of Diane MacEachern. Diane started the Big Green Purse initiative knowing that women spend $0.85 out of every dollar of household spending, which is a wallet with a wallop. If these women all started speaking with their coin to demand environmentally friendly products and services, then manufacturers would start to listen. Smart lady!

The Big Green Purse website is chock full of tips on how to shop greener, with categorized product listings of green products. What's more, Diane writes a blog where she lists all kinds of great product ideas and comparisons.

However, if surfing isn't your style - or perhaps it isn't the style of someone else who you want to teach to go a little green - then check out the book. It's stuffed full of great ecotips, with chapters on food, home, garden and more. She gives you no-nonsense tips on wise environmental shopping and tells you who's a champ - and who's a chump. The book will be released in March and can be pre-ordered via this
Big Green Purselink. Go forth and shop green!

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