Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nokia Eco Sensor Phone at CES

At CES, the focus in electronics is slowly but surely shifting to more environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies. One example of this is the Nokia Eco Sensor Phone. Although all they have on display is a non-working prototype, the concept is very intriguing. From the website:

"Our visionary design concept is a mobile phone and compatible sensing device that will help you stay connected to your friends and loved ones, as well as to your health and local environment. You can also share the environmental data your sensing device collects and view other users’ shared data, thereby increasing your global environmental awareness."

The unit will have a wrist or neck strap made from wearable solar cells that provide power to the environmental sensors. These sensors will track data on personal health, local environmental conditions and local weather, telling you more about your own personal environment.

The unit itself will be made from as much recycled or sustainable material as possible, including printed electronics (an innovative technology which allows smaller electronic units to be created), biomaterials (sustainable materials which can be used in place of environmentally hostile plastics) and 100% reclaimed steel - thus reducing the footprint of the unit.

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