Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CES - less green than you'd like to think

Last week I blogged about CES going green, with several environmental initiatives including using some environmentally friendly carpeting, purchasing of carbon credits, etc. ecochick was impressed. However, the reality is fairly different than the hype. For example, in wandering around the halls, I did not lay eyes on one recycling bin. And with the dry, recycled Vegas air in the convention center, there was a whole lot of bottled water being consumed. Based on my own experience, ALL of these bottles are heading for the landfill.

Any other green initiatives were well hidden on the part of CES. One of the most effective things an organization can do for the environment is to set an example. CES took a few steps, but they really didn't make a point of telling anyone at the show. This is crucial. When you tell someone the fantastic product you're using is environmentally friendly, it encourages the consumer who experiences the product to start thinking of environmentally products in a different way, to look at them as viable options instead of "alternative". CES wasted this opportunity. Why not create environmentally friendly signage in the Central Hall saying "this awesome carpet is recycled?" Why not have huge recycling bins everywhere? Why not have signage in all the food centers saying "the packaging used here is entirely biodegradeable?"

ecochick strives to be positive and bring you news on organizations that are creating positive change for the earth. Unfortunately, in this case, ecochick is bringing out the rarely used ecotwerp label. CES has not only not come through on its own claims of sustainability, it squandered an excellent opportunity to show itself as a trend leader and expose environmentally friendly products at the same time.

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